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  1. Why we need niksen in our lives
  2. Doing Nothing Is The Secret To Productivity: Here’s Why And How
  3. Do nothing at night
  4. Meditation And The Art of Doing Nothing At All | DOYOUYOGA

Here are five key reasons why:. Working harder to earn more to buy more stuff is useful for the people selling the stuff — but not necessarily for you.

Why we need niksen in our lives

And usefulness is intrinsically future-oriented: it yanks you from the present, making savouring impossible. Other studies looking at boredom in one, participants were made to copy numbers from a phone book suggest it motivates people to find interesting ways to alleviate it — thereby triggering creative ideas. Meanwhile, aimless thinking combats the tunnel vision that can result from fixating on goals.

We chronically confuse effort with effectiveness: a day spent on trifling tasks feels exhausting and virtuous, so we assume — often wrongly — it must have been useful. Doing nothing at all, the thought goes, is good up to a point. But over-doing nothing is boring. In that light, modern work practices look just right. They respect, one might naively think, our natural moderate desire for idleness — paid vacation time — and the deeper need to keep ourselves busy.

Doing Nothing Is The Secret To Productivity: Here’s Why And How

It was not always this way. His visitor carries with him the full conviction of the work ethic.

With that effort, he could hope to work his way towards time away from work. It falls to the simple but not so naive fisherman to point out the irony of that recommendation. With no pressure to make something of himself, the fisherman is free — enviably so.

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He has what many seek: his own idle time. He has it by default. It may be unrealistic to believe we could return to a world like that. And there are dangers of wishful thinking in believing such a world was ever successful in meeting the fundamental range of human needs — our emotional, material and intellectual needs.

Our unqualified belief in progress especially affords it little credibility.

Do nothing at night

Similarly, to equate "doing nothing" with nonproductivity betrays a short-sighted understanding of productivity. In fact, psychological research suggests that doing nothing is essential for creativity and innovation, and a person's seeming inactivity might actually cultivate new insights, inventions or melodies. As legends go , Isaac Newton grasped the law of gravity sitting under an apple tree. Archimedes discovered the law of buoyancy relaxing in his bathtub, while Albert Einstein was well-known for staring for hours into space in his office.

The academic sabbatical is centered on the understanding that the mind needs to rest and be allowed to explore in order to germinate new ideas. Doing nothing — or just being — is as important to human well-being as doing something. Since it will probably be difficult to go cold turkey from an accelerated pace of existence to doing nothing, one first step consists in decelerating.

Meditation And The Art of Doing Nothing At All | DOYOUYOGA

One relatively easy way to do so is to simply turn off all the technological devices that connect us to the internet — at least for a while — and assess what happens to us when we do. Danish researchers found that students who disconnected from Facebook for just one week reported notable increases in life satisfaction and positive emotions. In another experiment , neuroscientists who went on a nature trip reported enhanced cognitive performance.

Different social movements are addressing the problem of acceleration. The Slow Food movement, for example, is a grassroots campaign that advocates a form of deceleration by rejecting fast food and factory farming.