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  1. Uninvited Alligator Removed From Louisiana Living Room
  2. Man finds alligator in living room

Uninvited Alligator Removed From Louisiana Living Room

He says he's never seen anything like it. I was like how did this thing get in here and what is he doing?

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He was pretty upset because I was fixing to take him out of his house," Pruitt said. Jeromy, with the help of his dad Jeff Pruitt, tied the alligator up and forced it out of the home.

He's going around to look for a companion. He can't stay where he is because there's probably a bigger bull alligator there that drove him out.

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  • So he's got to find his own girlfriends," Pruitt said. Gouges from the creature's claws were left in Frosti's floor. Frosti had left a door between her living room and porch open when she went out, and believes the alligator must have pushed through the screen door on her porch before going into the house through the open door.

    Man finds alligator in living room

    Many alligators inhabit ponds in Frosti's neighbourhood. They are often seen in and around the ponds or sunning themselves on roads. The operator taking her call asked whether what she had seen was actually an iguana. So contact us! Thank you for choosing Our Stickers!

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